Fixed -telephone and Mobile Phone Subscribers:

Fixed-telephone Subscribers are 461 Million
Penetration is 0.63%
Average Growth Rate is – 2.76% (Last 5 years)
Mobile Cellular Subscribers are 3.74 Billion
Penetration is 75.09%
Average Growth Rate is 13.30% (Last 5 years)
Total Fixed -telephone and Mobile Phone Subscribers are 4.20 Billion
Penetration is 75.72%
Average Growth Rate is 13.06% (Last 5 years)

Mobile Cellular Market Share on Subscribers:

Fixed -Line and Mobile Broadband Subscribers:

Fixed – Broadband Subscribers are 50.71 Million
Penetration is 0.87%
Average Growth Rate is 1.75% (Last 5 years)
Mobile Broadband Subscribers are 1.73 Billion
Penetration is 29.14%
Average Growth Rate is 31.82% (Last 5 years)

Fixed -Line and Mobile Broadband Subscribers:

Total Fixed -Line and Mobile Broadband Subscribers are 2.09 Billion
Penetration is 30.01%
Average Growth Rate is 32.54% (Last 5 years)